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Core Readings

  • Schrom, David. "Evolving Science, Evolving Value." Link 1 page.

Schrom makes a succinct argument for valuescience. Please read to become able to recreate this argument.

  • Schrom, David. (2008). Valuescience Link 24 pp.

Schrom outlines a basic valuescience argument and briefly touches upon applications to selected fields.

Interest Readings

  • Walker, Marshall. (1963). "A Survival Technique." Nature of Scientific Thought. pp.14-20. Link

Walker demystifies science and shows both its ubiquity and its import.

  • Graham, Paul. (2007). "How to Do Philosophy." Link

Y-combinator technology venture incubator founder Graham offers advice and encouragement to budding valuescientists and roots it in his own experience majoring in philosophy for most of his college career.

  • Harris, Sam. (2007). "We Are Making Moral Progress." Link

Harris, a vehement advocate for a scientific approach to morality, makes his case that others are adopting valuescience to good effect.

  • Wikipedia. "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs." Link

Abraham Maslow, a valuescientist who went to his grave before wearing that label, describes six universal human needs.

  • Wikipedia. "Fundamental Human Needs." Link

Max Neff built on Maslow's work to create a more detailed list of universal human needs. In contrast to conventional economists who view human needs as infinite, Max Neff emphasized that they were few and finite.