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We design quizzes to guide you in learning from assigned materials so that you will be better prepared to contribute, and benefit from what others contribute in class meetings. You can use quiz responses provided by teaching team and consultations during office hours to improve ability to respond to quiz questions and to write a better final.

Quizzes can comprise up to one-quarter of your grade (20% if you're enrolled in practicum). Each quiz is equally weighted. Only quizzes submitted on or before time and date due count towards your grade. If you submit fewer than all quizzes we weight your final exam more heavily in your grade. (e.g., zero quizzes, final weighted an additional 25% [20% for practicum enrollees]; half of quizzes, final weighted an additional 13% [10% for practicum enrollees]). You can only improve your grade by submitting quizzes, because we count just those quizzes on which you score higher than you do on the final when calculating your grade for the course.