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While valuescientists confront a number of challenges, some of which to date have proven intractable (e.g., finding a universally applicable biophysical metric for value), our most common and most limiting impediment to honing valuescience practice is that we identify self with ideas incompatible with a scientific approach to value. Shedding these is doubly difficult because they are in substantial part a result of intense and incessant indoctrination to which we've become so desensitized as to take both its process and its outcomes for granted, if we are aware of them at all.

Learning together in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust we are better able to set aside long and closely held ideas and consider different ones. Teaching team and students in this course can create sangha, community of practice in which we share risks and rewards of consciously constructing a more consilient, science-based world-view.

If you've prepared thoughts and questions about a day's topics, you're better able to learn and to further others' learning. You're welcome to prepare with others. We aim to afford each student ample opportunity in class meetings to foster others' learning and to benefit from it.

Participation in class meetings counts for up to 25% (up to 20% for those enrolled in practicum) of final grade. About half of this you earn by being present. The other half you earn by evidencing what you have learned by engaging with questions, presentation, and other resources for that class meeting, and by doing so in a manner that contributes to others' learning. Attending and contributing can only improve your grade, as we will count your score for these only if it is higher than your final exam score.

If prior to a class meeting you give notice of absence you may earn class participation credit by writing briefly as directed by a teaching team member.